Precarious no longer works!


Are you working precariously (for example as a bike messenger, 24-hour carer, cultural worker etc.) and feeling the capitalist influences on your mental health? Are you systemically relevant and at the same time on the verge of burn-out or in the middle of a depression, but all you hear all the time is clapping? Not only the Corona pandemic has made this visible. In our project, you get the opportunity to deal with these issues in an acting and physical way in order to show your situation and demands to a broader public together with like-minded people. Together with you, we are building a low-threshold, long-term community in „Prekär geht nicht mehr!“ that brings the importance of good working and living conditions to the centre of public interest!

We are also looking for organisations from civil society that would like to shape the project together with us!

If you and your organisation are interested in a cooperation, please do not hesitate to contact us (Link: !

Project dates:

Introductory workshops on the topic of work

Difficult working conditions, wage inequality, stress and financial insecurity? Do you also wish for a change in the world of work? Do you notice how the topic of work sometimes really gets to you physically?

In these introductory workshops we will deal with work and (mental) health in a theatrical and playful way and everything that has to do with it and that you bring with you as topics. We look forward to being creative and experimenting together.

14.09.21 Work sucks?! – Workshop on unfair working conditions and lack of support in unemployment

16.09.21 Working bodies in times of crisis

22.09.21 Know your rights (for young migrants aged 15-30)

23.09.21 from 9:15-12:00 „Multiple precariousnesses? – Working as flinta*“ with Verein Peregrina (internal workshop)

28.09.21 I want to be able to live from my art!

30.09.21 Utopias of a different kind of work

Time and place: 6pm-2pm, WUK, Währinger Straße 59, WUK, 1090, room Flieger (barrier-free)

Exception: Workshop Kenn deine Rechte: 22.9.21, 1-5pm, ÖGJ (Austrian Trade Union Youth), Johann-Böhm-Platz 1, 1020 Vienna

Registration at:

Further information:

Theatre workshop from 11-17.10.21 (weekend all day, weekday evenings):

A theatre workshop on the topic of work and mental health.

In an intensive one-week workshop, 12 people will dive deep into the topic and work creatively with everything that concerns us about (precarious) work and health. Inspired by our own experiences, we will use improvisation to create a short fictional forum theatre play that we will perform on four evenings. The play highlights burning issues and conflicts that we face. At the performances we will show the play and then invite audience members to slip into one of our roles and try to change the initial situation. The aim of the performances and the theatre workshop is to playfully find alternative courses of action for the challenges presented and to discuss these together.

You don’t need any previous experience to take part! An expense allowance will be paid.

You can find more informations on participation, the performances and the link for application HERE.


Precarious no longer works! A theatre performance on work and (mental) health.

Changes in modern work life are more than necessary! No matter if inequalities in wage and pensions, stress, burn out or harsh working condition or financial insecurities, so much needs to change!

People from various precarious jobs and walks of life ask you in this participatory theatre piece:

How does a good and healthy (work) life look like for you?

How can alliances and coalitions between different affected groups emerge?

What can all of us do together for a more solidaric society? And what needs to change politically?

Hard facts:

20.10., 7pm in „Flieger“, WUK, Währinger Straße 59

29.10., 7pm, Hörsaal B, Campus Altes AKH, Spitalgasse 2

30.10., Admission and networking from 6pm, show starting from 7pm in Waldmüllerzentrum, Hasengasse 38, 1100 Wien (in cooperation with Mitten in Favoriten)

Language: The performance will be in several languages.

Cost? Free donation

Registration here




(We have very limited capacity due to COVID-19 rules!)

Please come with one of the 2,5Gs (vaccinated, recovered, PCR tested) and a FFP2-mask. Please inform yourself shortly before the performances about changes in COVID-19 rules.

The end of the project is only the beginning of our long-term work!

More information will be published here and on Facebook!