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We are so glad you found your way here! This means you have read our manual on combining Shadow Theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed for tackling and queering Gender Based Violence issues. If you have any questions about resources on this page, don’t hesitate to contact us via

We have structured the resources according to topics and methods. Also, we created a special section for videos on all these topics. We also provide you with links to interesting practitioners and organisations in the field.

Theatre of the Oppressed

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About Shadows and Shadow Theatre

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(a fairy Tale by Hans Christian Andersen)

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Gender Based Violence Education

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Queerfeminist Classics

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Shadow Theatre performance in the house („The beautiful laundryman“), by Silvio Gioia

TUTORIAL „COME COSTRUIRE UN TEATRO D’OMBRE DI CARTA“ / How to create a shadow theatre with paper, by Anusc Castiglioni – Carta Fabriano:

How to make poetical and magical shadows and light effects using simple materials, by Silvio Gioia:

 How to make poetical and magical shadows and light effects using simple materials, by Silvio Gioia:

How to create characters with hands for shadow theatre, by Silvio Gioia

Shadow theatre workshop by Norbert Goetz:

Workshop with TO and Shadows on GBV with young people from different european nations: ,

Workshop with TO and Shadows on GBV with migrants and local community

Violence against women — it’s a men’s issue | TED Talk by Jackson Katz

ShadowLight Productions Streaming archive

Organisations and Practitioners

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