N.A.Toˇ – Nose Assembly for Tomorrowˇ

N.A.Toˇ is an international project that combines activism and clowning. It brings together activists, clowns and performers where they can share and create surprising, entertaining and disobedient forms of civic activism. Inspired by networks like CIRCA (Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army), The Stop Shopping Choir, and others, we aim to build an artivist community by merging the strongest aspects of clowning and (climate) activism.

Climate justice is a global issue, though it is also a social justice issue as it intersects with topics such as sexism, racism, and consumerism. With this project, we would like to unfold these concepts and invite artists and activists to dialogue and social action through creative methods. We would like to envision a world, where structural societal issues are visualized and local communities are constantly invited to participate in a dialogue that will expand their consciousness and feeling of empathy. Clowning provides direct access to complex issues and can help bring local communities into dialogue, regardless of their social status.

A nose assembly consists workshops, lectures and discussions, plenaries and open spaces, as well as various performative and clown performances and happenings taking place within and in connection to N.A.Toˇ. After the first two N.A.Toˇ in Brno (March 2023) and Maria-Schutz, AT (July 2023), N.A.Toˇ became an Erasmus+ partnership between tYhle (CZ), TO Vienna (AT) and Inspiral Circus Network (HU). A third edition took place in Budapest (November 2023). Upcoming N.A.Toˇs are planned in April 2024 (Vienna) and July 2024 (Ostrava).

The next NATo edition is taking place in Vienna from 4-7 April! And this time we will be explore what it means to queer spaces through clowning. Find more infos in our open call.

Die nächste NATo-Ausgabe findet vom 4. bis 7. April in Wien statt! Und dieses Mal werden wir erkunden, was es bedeutet, queere Räume durch Clownerie zu gestalten. Mehr Infos findet ihr in unserem Opencall.

N.A.Toˇ is governed by the principle of radical openness. Anyone can join it. Do not hesitate to contact us at nose-assembly@posteo.net

How do to a N.A.Toˇ: https://vimeo.com/837821282

N.A.Toˇ Budapest: Costume Party [video]


co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Foto credit and instagram video: (c) Renan Huszka, ig:@renonsense; N.A.To Logo: (c) Ondrej Holba