Online Multiplication Event: Behind the Shadows: Light.

12. Mai 2023 um 15:00 – 16:00
Online on Zoom


A queer and feminist guide to using Shadow Theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed to address gender-based violence


Friday 12th May, 3.00 pm- 4.00 pm CET

Shadows and lights are part of our everyday life and evoke a complex spectrum of metaphors: hiding, feeling safe, speaking up, showing the  truth, being oppressed, or freeing ourselves.

Those shadows and lights became center of the international project „Behind the Shadows:  Light.“ in which we were researching around the topic of gender-based  violence in close relationships from a queer and feminist perspective.

Part of this process was to produce a guide, that we will happily present you in this online multiplication event.

In the Multiplication event, we will give you an insight into our guide and work: the world of Shadow Theatre, Theatre of the Oppressed and possible ways of combining both. We will share our ideas and reflection questions about working on gender-based violence and on queering it all up.

We invite practitioners working in the field of gender and anti-discrimation, theatre practitioners, educators, social workers, organizations working on gender-based violence and people who are engaged in creating a culture of consent, respect and healthy relationships as well as everyone interested.

How to participate:

Please register HERE and we will send you the link to the zoom session.

This project is a cooperation between TdU Wien, Affabulazione and Shadow Liberation.

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