ENGLISH: Queer / LGBTQIAN* Theater Group

We are currently planning an online-session – if you are interested to participate, just write us an email and we tell you when and how.

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Website: DEUTSCH: hier klicken | ENGLISH: click here
MORE LANGUAGES COMING: If you contact us we try to respond in your language.

We want to dream of and create alternative ways of living together and challenge the concepts of love within our heteronormative society!
With joy and with a yes to all the errors we will make on our way – through forum theater, shadow*theater, physical theater, actions in public space, dance, drag… We will combine art and activism, connect ourselves and our groups, support each other and practice self-care.

We want to open an intentionally diverse space. One way we will do this is by dedicating one meeting per month to a topic such as racism, ableism, classism, hate against trans* or intersex people and other forms of discrimination aswell as their intersections. People who are not the target of the form of discrimination we tackle are especcially encouraged to come. We want to grow together and create a safer space for all of us.
Bring yourself – let’s create community together.

For all queer people – with and without experience in theater, dance, performance…
LGBTQIAN* stands for: lesbian, gay, pan-, bi-, or asexual/aromantic people, as well as trans* and intersex and non-binary people. And people who are unsure whether one of the above applies to them and are curious to explore this question.

Our weekly rehearsals take place every Tuesday, 18-21 p.m. are open for new people until the end of the year. If you want to join in – you are very welcome to come and find out whether this group is for you. Please give us a short notice that you plan to come – we’d love to know.

[If you can, please write in ENGLISH, DEUTSCH, ESPAÑOL, BRASILEIRO, FRANÇAIS. We are happy to respond to other languages, but we will need a few extra days for translation.]

At WUK Wien in room Flieger (1090 Vienna) or Spiel_Raum (1160 Vienna).
In the calendar on the right hand side you find the room for each date.

The rooms are mostly wheelchair accessible. We are happy to send you an Email with detailed information on parking, best entrance and bathrooms.

Feel free to take a break during rehearsal in case you need one – this is possible in the dressing-room or in the courtyard.

The meetings will most likely be in German and/or Englisch spoken/vocal language. If you want to be part of the group and need translation to make that possible – please get in touch.

The same applies if we can support you in any other way – get in touch and together we‘ll try to find a solution.

Free donation. If you can not contribute financially, you are just as welcome!

The project is a cooperation of Theater of the Oppressed Vienna and Verein Spiel_Raum – Space for Movement, Theater and Anti-Discrimination.

This project is funded by:
WASt and MA 13 (Queerer Kleinprojektetopf).
Gefördertes Sonderprojekt der Österreichischen Hochschüler_innenschaft.
Gefördertes Sonderprojekt der HochschülerInnenschaft an der Universität Wien.