What’s between your legs?

We are very happy to announce a workshop on sexism using TO methods by our friend and colleague Barbara Pojlanar from Slovenia!

More information: https://tdu-wien.at/Veranstaltung/whats-between-your-legs/

The workshop „What is between your legs?“ will be dedicated to the issues that open questions of the gender. We are witnessing the abolition of fundamental economic, political and social rights, which again push women into the private sphere and their oppressed position. In many European countries, the right to abortion is exacerbated, women are still paid less than men and more often work in precarian conditions of work. If we allow sexism in the public sphere, we must be aware that it is even more so in the private sphere, at home and in partnership.
At the workshop What is between your legs? we’ll explore internalized and publicsexism in our society by using Image theatre and Aesthetic of the Oppressed,